About Us


I am very proud to share that our College under Shri G T Sheth Medical Foundation is one of the most eminent Higher Educational Institution today and is renowned for standards of its Faculties, Students and Alumni.

It is constantly pushing the frontiers of knowledge and ensures the futuristic approach that keeps pace with the changing trends of the professional world. It is a matter of pride and privilege for me to see all of you doing well as Teachers and Students.

Let me remind you that academic success has always been cherished tenfold when coupled with achievements in the various other non-academic arenas.

I wish and hope that all of you continue with the same zest and contribute nobly as future pillars of the nation.

I encourage you to visit our campus and learn more about the opportunities available to you.

I wish the students studying at Shri K K Sheth Physiotherapy College all the very best in their future endeavours and grand success to the faculties in their efforts to impart excellent education.

God Bless

Dr. Sushilaben K Sheth
Shri K K Sheth Physiotherapy College,


Greetings to all,

Shri K K Sheth Physiotherapy College with its strong substratum background of cultural and moral values has tried to provide the best education, research innovation, job opportunities and overall development to its students. It would be a golden opportunity for all the youth who want to explore the unrivalled corridors of the developing society that will give you the glimpse of a perfect future.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome and introduce you to Shri K K Sheth Physiotherapy College that has evolved as an unique educational program blending futuristic needs and developmental skills that are instrumental in facing present day job requirements of students and also for shaping up their personality.

Come, join and give voice to your unsaid dreams.

Think high to reach heights…

I wish you all the very best in all your future endeavours.

Shri. Vishalbhai Sheth
Managing Trustee,
Shri K K Sheth Physiotherapy College,


Dear Students and Parents,

I welcome you at Shri K K Sheth Physiotherapy College….

At Shri K K Sheth Physiotherapy College, we have demonstrated our competency in the areas of academics, patient care and research.

This course of education defines the way for the rest of your life. That’s why Shri K K Sheth Physiotherapy College is more than just education. It is what I call as education to nurture and groom individual who can thrive in competitive knowledge economy of the day while being grounded with a strong sense of ethics and values

It is a gratifying note that the college is functioning very well with the full co-operation of the management, staff and students. The members of the teaching faculty of the college have been doing their best by fulfilling the demands of education in the present scenario.

We at Shri K K Sheth Physiotherapy College, provide our students with extensive education, treatment plans designed to meet individual needs while ensuring that patient’s safety is our priority. These have been achieved with good infrastructure, the best clinical expertise, hands on approach and train the students for customized patient care in our own Physiotherapy centers and hospitals, through which our students have been trained.

Be a life enricher in this positive atmosphere and achieve your dream.

With best wishes,

Dr Jayesh Parmar (PT)
Shri K K Sheth Physiotherapy College,Rajkot


I have been associated with Shri K K Sheth Physiotherapy College since the beginning of the college which was started by Shri G. T. Sheth Medical Foundation Trust.

The college was inaugurated in the year 2003 with the spirit of making a great contribution in the field of education, health and social as well as imparting proper and good education. This college is one of the best physiotherapy college of Gujarat.

Discipline, cleanliness, quality of education, training, etc. are considered with great importance in this college.

Each year students are securing very high results, that tradition has been going on since 2003. The credit goes to the students and faculties of our college.